wall paper

Wall paper is a wonderful element of design ideas which could make your area look bright and glowing, it could be used in any part of your home whether it is bedroom, kids’ room or living room. Wall papers are available in various sizes, color, material and designs.

Textured painting

Textures are special effects for walls. Using special texture paint and tools, our well trained painters will create amazing patterns on your walls.

Stone wall cladding

Natural Stone wall cladding is highly recomended for architectural projects. There are Multicolor Wall Cladding,Slate Wall Cladding,Grey Wall Cladding,Slate Waterfall Wall Cladding,Bathroom Wall Cladding,Wall Panels and many more items that can enhance the style and over all look of your home.

3d wall panels

A 3D panel design is sculpted on a wall with a continuous pattern flow with no breaks or separating lines.This is the newest wave in interior design and a must-have ingredient which enhances the interiors and gives a great dramatic look in any room.

false ceiling

False ceilings are a trendy feature of modern interior designing owing to their extravagant aesthetic appeal.




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